This weeks books are Exhibiting Photography and Ansel Adams: Divine Performance

I'm keeping up with my reading challenge, but was side tracked by getting the flu which knocked me out for almost a week. During the down time I was able to tear through two books. First up was in preparation for my upcoming show at the local library called Exhibiting Photography - a practical guide to displaying your work by Shirley Read. The second was Ansel Adams - Divine Performance by Anne Hammond.

Exhibiting Photography is a dense book covering a variety of methods for displaying your work in public which I found very helpful. In the book there are a number of case studies walking through real world projects, covering the process from start to finish. I'll definitely be re-checking this one out as my exhibition comes closer.

I am primarily a landscape photographer, so of course I was going to get a book on Ansel Adams. I was surprised by this one though, most books I've thumbed through are mostly just portfolio studies, where as Divine Performance takes a large portion of the book talking about his life. I wasn't aware that he was an extremely talented musician as well as the grandfather of landscape photography. While it's a great read, it's not a book I'm going to put on my shelf as a part of my permanent collection - I would much prefer one of his portfolio studies that I can pick up and just soak in his photographs.