Candid portrait1/125th, f/5, ISO100

For our last week on the east coast my wife wanted to do a quick family portrait session for our Christmas cards, needless to say I couldn't say no. We headed down to Mason's Island where I captured the sunset for Week 46. Shooting a family portrait is always a challenge, but adding the fact I had to be in the photo was a real pain.

We did a few poses on the steps of the clubhouse, and got some really good shots, but it was overcast and starting to drizzle so we went under the porch to pack up my gear and get ready to go. Right before I put the camera away I noticed the soft light coming from camera left lighting up our little one's face, and the fact she was all smiles made me take a few candid photos as my wife was playing with her. I have found recently that anything below 1/125th or 1/150th is too slow for infant photography. I wrongly assumed they didn't move that much, and they don't, but when they move their heads the whip them around causing quite a few shots to be motion blurred. This one however was absolutely great as she smiled looking out over the ocean.

I have been putting a lot of effort back into the editing process lately, and I tried a few things I don't usually do here. I tried a different selective sharpening technique using a high-pass filter and opacity mask, combined with a gradient map for the black and white conversion. Adding a touch of vingetting and this is one of my favorite photos of my wife and baby. I absolutely love shooting candid portraits, they are almost always leaps and bounds better than posed photos.