Today on my walk to the train station after work I took a quick detour and randomly stopped into the James Thompson government center on Randolph and Clark in the Loop. It's the kind of place you could walk by a thousand times and not notice anything about it. I first went in years ago because there is a DMV in the basement, and thats when I realized the interior of the building is this beautiful open space all the way up to the ceiling, a sprawling web of glass and steel. The elevator stacks are exposed in the center, with offices wrapping around in a circle on the outside, and a large hole in the floor looking down to the basement level.

I walked in and poked around a little bit, but there are restricted areas because it is a government building and they can be a bit picky about photographers. I went up to the first floor above the lobby and took some panoramas from floor to ceiling from each side. This is a 5 shot panorama from the left side of the first floor overlooking the lobby and down into the basement.

5 shot panorama1/160th, f/8, ISO4000

I love the blue glass near the entrance, and all the exposed staircases, so many little details that almost get lost in the photo. If you are downtown I recommend you at least stop in and look around for a few minutes.