While downtown I don't typically ride the L, and when I do it's usually work related so I am heading to client offices. Late last year I happened to get off of the brown line at Wabash & Adams where there is an overpass looking straight up Wabash with a clear view of Trump Tower. At the time I didn't have my camera on me, but I made a mental note to head back at some point with my gear to see what I could get.

It's the beginning of March and the Chicago weather is still very poor so I decided to only take a few quick shots to see what I could get when the weather gets nicer. I quickly setup my tripod at the center of the overpass between platforms, looking north up Wabash. As the trains rumbled by the overpass would shake quite a bit, but I was surprised to find it didn't affect any shots. This exposure was taken for 15 seconds, f/8 at ISO100.

Timing the shots was particularly tricky - I wanted to get trains going in both directions, but being pressed for time I didn't have any luck in the 15 minutes I was there. Overall I like the shot with the one train streaking into the station, but I want to go back in the spring or summer when there isn't snow on the platform roofs and the sky isn't so overcast and dull.