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Aug 12 2017

The Solar Eclipse

My experience shooting the Solar Eclipse

The North American Solar Eclipse has been on my calendar for about two years, so now that it's past I am incredibly relieved everything went smoothly. The long build up allowed me to be as ready as I could be,...

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Mar 11 2017

New Telescope Mount

De-forking my Ultima for a new CGEM mount

My Celestron Ultima 11" Schmidt Cassegrain telescope was originally built in 1995, and while the optical tube was in great shape, the original fork mount was getting pretty out-dated. It was difficult to assemble and almost unmanageable by one person...

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Feb 24 2017

Schmidt Cassegrain Maintenance

My Ultima 11" SCT needed a good bath, so I gave it one

After impatiently waiting a month for clear skies I finally got my 'new' Celestron Ultima 11" Schmidt Cassegrain out for a test run. I couldn't get tack sharp focus so I knew a collimation was in order and looking closely...

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Jan 08 2017

Preparing for the Solar Eclipse

Getting ready for the North American Solar Eclipse on August 21st

On August 21st of this year there will be a full solar eclipse passing over the central United States, with the center linel cutting through southern Illinois. Since this will only be a few hours south of me, I will...

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Dec 31 2016

My top 10 images of 2016

A 10 shot collection of my best work in 2016

I am continuing my tradition of taking the end of the year to review my photographs over the last 365 days and create a selection of 10 images that represent my best work over that time period. This year was...

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