Porsche Speedster1/100, f/2.8, ISO400

This week my father and I finally got around to pulling his Porsche Speedster replica out of the back of the garage, blowing off the dust and firing it up. We spent the afternoon tinkering around with it and getting it back into running shape after it sitting since last summer. As a surprise I wanted to take some glamor shots of it to make a calendar or some framed prints for him, so I dug up my studio lights and got to work.

I wanted to go for more of a dramatic look where the background fades to black because I expected to convert most shots to high-contrast black and white, so my key light was a simple speedlight in a softbox on a light stand. The garage was only light by a single light bulb on the ceiling, and the lightbox here was right against the passenger rear tire shooting down into the cab. The steering wheel and gauge cluster look absolutely fantastic so I grabbed my 50mm macro and shot at f/2.8 to make some really beautiful closeups. I spent an hour or so shooting the interior, and once we get the car completely cleaned up I would like to try some full body exterior shots.