Recesky 35mm TLR Camera Kit

I've always wanted an original Rolliflex Twin Lens Reflex camera but could never pull the trigger due to the cost of one in good condition. I was poking around Amazon a few weeks ago and found some replica kits for only $25, so I added it to my wish-list. Lo and behold one arrived at my door a few days after my birthday! The kit comes completely disassembled, with a screwdriver and a single roll of 35mm ISO200 film.


Opening it up I was rather surprised how much assembly was required. Everything down to the shutter was in pieces, and unfortunately the instructions were obviously translated into English, meaning they were about as clear as mud. Thankfully I know my way around a film camera so everything was fairly easy to figure out, the biggest problem was that two of the shutter springs were mis-labelled. Once I figured that out assembly wasn't too bad.

The quality is exactly what you would expect from a $25 dollar kit. Everything is plastic and on the flimsier side, but as completed kit it holds up okay. I will load it up with film and pick something to shoot in the next few days. Stay tuned for the results.

Check out the kit at Amazon here.