Head Sculptures, Millenium Park3.2s, f/8, ISO50

This week I headed back down to Millenium Park in the heart of the Loop to check out a new art installation just across the pavilion with The Bean. Artist Jaume Plensa has created four female heads ranging from twenty-one to thirty-nine feet hight, yet only a few feet wide. You can't tell from this perspective, but they have been skewed so as you walk from where the photo was taken down towards them you quickly realize they are very thin. It's quite an optical illusion and draws a large crowd. These three are located just east of Crown Fountain, while the largest of the four is right on Michigan Ave at the entrance to the park.

I had a difficult time shooting because the lighting just wasn't there. It was getting very dark and I had hoped to pick up the buildings in the background, but the foreground lighting just wasn't enough to balance the exposure. This is one of the earlier shots from before sunset. I brightened up the trees to almost an infra-red like photo to create some contrast. I am definitely going to go back to see what other kinds of photos I can get, it really is something to check out if you are in the Loop.