July 14th - Sears Tower skyboxes1/400, f/9, ISO100

No matter what I do I can't stop taking photos of the Sears Tower, I've probably surpassed the thousand mark a while ago. It doesn't help that I work just a few blocks from it, and on some days I like to go for a walk during lunch with my camera. I've said before that I love taking photos of it because you can get dramatically different shots from all angles of the building. I wanted to see if I had enough reach at 200mm to see people in the skyboxes that jut out from the west side of the tower over Wacker Drive. This particular angle was from the north west corner on the pedestrian island out front. I particularly like that you can't instantly figure out what you are looking at, and its certainly not a photo of the Sears I have seen before. There is a very subtle lens flare from the afternoon sun taking up the right side of the exposure, but I feel it adds a bit of warmth and character.