June 19th - Manhattan80s, f/9, ISO400

This weeks Photo52 challenge was, obviously, taken during my trip to NYC last weekend. This shot was from the first night down in Brooklyn, just across from the southern tip of Manhattan. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a gorgeous location on the west side of Brooklyn overlooking the river and there are so many great locations for shooting the skyline. This location is on the far south of the park, where there is a dilapidated boat launch surrounded by these wooden posts poking out of the water. I knew if I could open the shutter long enough to smooth out the water it would be a great effect. As the sun dipped below the horizon there were some really ugly clouds that took up the right side of the sky, but at the last minute they finally cleared. I had a 2 stop neutral density filter on a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 wide angle lens, and was exposing for 2-4 minutes each.

This particular exposure was taken at 80 seconds and since it was at f/9 the streetlights on the horizon didn't turn into giant starbursts like they would at lower f-stops. The composition is probably my favorite part of this - the wooden posts and clouds all lead you right into the center and right side of the frame where One World Trade Center is standing tall. I was hoping to get the Statue of Liberty in the left side of the frame, but there was a large open air sports complex off camera left jutting out into the river that blocked her. Hopefully I can go back and explore NYC again soon, there is so much to capture and nowhere near enough time.