June 16th - Union Station1/30, f/8, ISO160

Since I have found it difficult to keep up with the Photo52 project over the past few weeks I have been using my iPhone to try to get at least a photo a day. In doing so I have been exploring a few tools to really see what I can capture with it. Until recently I haven't been blown away by anything other than the convenience of having it in my pocket at all times. I have started using Instagram quite a bit, which originally I hadn't cared for all that much. Instagram has released a new version of the app with better editing controls, really expanding (at least in my opinion) what it can do. I also purchased an app called VSCOcam which I am very pleased with (more on those later). One thing I have found in using my iPhone every day is that its a great scouting tool to let me almost 'sketch' out ideas for shots before returning with my SLR. That is exactly what happened this week.

Since I commute into the city each day I get to see a lot of beautiful architecture, and of course every day I get to walk through Union Station. The Great Hall is gorgeous, but there are some interesting spots outside the building as well. This photograph is looking south from the east exit of the main building. If you turn facing north there is a big ugly view of a CVS sign through the archway, so I prefer this angle. The lines can be tricky, however scouting the day before helped me get the shot I wanted very quickly.