I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Canon 70-300mm IS L lens to play around with, and I had to share my initial impressions. I took a quick trip down to Navy Pier to play around with it and see how it handles in the field. The lens is all metal, so it is incredibly sturdy weighing in above 2 pounds. On a Black Rapid strap I didn't feel much fatigue letting it hang at my side, but shooting with it certainly gave my arms a good workout. While I wasn't blown over by the AF performance I was taken aback at how sharp the images came right out of the camera. I wanted to share two specific photos.

Cawing Seagull1/160, f/8.0, ISO125

This noisy guy was hovering around the few tourists, trying to get scraps of food from wherever he could find it. I snapped this photo at 300mm (this is a 100% crop). I couldn't believe the detail on the birds beak, incredibly sharp.

Seagull Portrait1/160, f/6.3, ISO100

Here was another portrait shot of a seagull that was perched on a railing, again shot at 300mm. The texture around the eye was what makes this photo pop. Incredible.

I have the lens for another few days so I want to run it through its paces some more, and when I do I'll share some more photos.