February 17th - The Bean1/250, f/5, ISO160

I love to take photos nobody else has or would, which means putting myself through some uncomfortable situations at times. When another 5-8 inches of snow was forecast I saw a great opportunity to capture something unique while most sane people were bundled up at home. Leaving work and heading down to Millenium Park I got blasted in the face with snow no matter which direction I walked making me almost throw in the towel a few times. Since I don't have a weather cover I had to keep my camera tucked up underneath my coat while not shooting to keep the camera relatively dry and the lens clear. I quickly pulled the camera out when I found these two people were the only ones having fun underneath the sculpture, snapping this exposure as the woman reached out to touch it. I really love the sense of scale - the silhouette effect really adds to the sense of how large the sculpture really is.