January 15th - Picasso15s, f/13, ISO100

Week 3 was the coldest photo I think I have taken in a long time due to the fact that we are in the middle of another cold snap in Chicago. Despite the weather I layered up and ventured out for a walk through the city after work. At first I tried taking some long exposures on two bridges over the Chicago river but the vehicle traffic was shaking the camera too much so I moved on. After winding my way around the Loop I came to the Daley Center and found a group of bikers at the base of the Picasso sculpture meeting up for a very chilly evening ride. They weren't in any hurry despite how cold it was so I took some longer exposures to get the bikes stationary while the riders were walking around talking to one another. They didn't seem to mind being photographed at all so I kept getting closer, at one point a few of them waved at the camera. This is one of the last exposures I got as they were getting ready to ride off into the night. I liked this particular frame because the bikes are in different states of opacity due to the movement.