As previously mentioned I have recently been taking a few photos every morning during my commute into the city trying to get a certain shot which I haven't posted until now. The window to get the shot was literally around 1 or 2 seconds long, so I had to be very careful with my timing. As the UPW train starts its wide turn into the loop the sun passes right behind the Sears Tower, giving me very little time to get the shot - about 1 frame with the sun on the south side, a few while its directly behind, and once on the north side.

The first two days I tried from the upstairs seats but was shooting through a tinted window - while this worked for a few shots, specifically my December Photo of the Month, for this particular instance it just wasn't working. On the third day I went downstairs into the vestibule in the center of the car where the windows don't have any tint and are generally cleaner for some reason. I ended up with this version which I am very happy with.

Sears Tower Sunburst55mm, f/6.3, ISO100

I was able to get the sun just as it was dissapearing behind the tower with minimal effects from the sun. Some earlier shots looked like something out of Star Trek with a ton of lens flaring, but I really perfer the subdued version with just the beams. Without the window tint the sky was a beautiful rich almost baby blue, and the sun cast a slight yellow on the steam arising from the various buildings in the skyline. It could be cropped a little tighter but I do like the silhouetted buildings adding a bit of interest in the foreground.