Over the weekend I got to shoot Just Enuff playing the Monee Fall Festival, and had a great time. I provided the band with the best photos from the day which they used on their site and their Facebook page. Monday morning I got a few messages from various people saying that Hofner Bass was using my photo as their cover photo on their Facebook page. Sure enough when I pulled up the page, there's one of my photos, cropped to hell right on the bass guitar that Mike was playing.

Hofner Guitars Facebook Page

Now I have had a few days to reflect on it and im still just not sure to feel about this. I know a lot of photographers would be livid about having their worked ripped off and not being attributed, but on the other side its a Facebook cover photo that it seems they change daily. I'm bummed that nobody contacted me before, or since, but thats just the way it is. My wife tried plugging my work in the comments, and from what I understand they would plug me if I sent them more work, so thats always an option. Overall I think I'm mainly dissapointed I didn't get a higher quality shot of the bass itself. I usually snap some close-ups of the instruments but they are usually kind of boring. I'll certainly keep this experience in the back of my head next time around so I can reach out to the instrument companies and maybe pick up some work.